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서울역 7017

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Birth of the Overpass

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Yesterday, today and tomorrow of the Seoul Station Overpass

Birth of the Overpass

After the completion of the Gyeongin (Seoul-Incheon) Line and Namdaemun Station in 1900 and Seoul Station in 1925, Seoul Station and the railroads have been an obstacle the divide Hoehyeon-dong/Jungnim-dong and Cheongpa-dong like a wall. The Seoul Station Overpass flying over Toegye-ro and Dongja-dong was built in Mar. 1970 and became a symbol of industrial modernization of Seoul and the Seoul Station Overpass connecting Mallijae to Toegye-ro was completed in 1975. Since then, it has been the face of Seoul and the symbolic structure of Seoul that people coming up to Seoul from the provinces had encountered first.

  • Photo of ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by the former President Park Chung-hee and the first lady on 29 May 1979

  • Photo of the completed Seoul Station Overpass on 29 May 1970

  • The whole view of the Seoul Station Overpass with the Mallijae-Toegye-ro section under construction in 1975

Photos of the completion of the Seoul Station Overpass