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서울역 7017

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Yesterday, today and tomorrow of the Seoul Station Overpass

From the opening to closing, and regeneration

The Seoul Station Overpass in the 1970s~1980s was an important main path for the traders of the Namdaemun market and of the apparel factories in Cheongpa-dong and Malli-dong to load and carry their goods. But the Overpass became deteriorated as time went by and its safety issue was raised in the late 1990s. According to the regular safety inspections and precision safety diagnosis, a plan to tear down the Seoul Station Overpass and install a new overpass by narrowing the bridge in Mar. 2013. In Sep. 2014, however, the Seoul Metropolitan Government get the consultation of experts, gathered opinions of the citizens and announced a plan to regenerate the overpass instead of tearing-down and to turn it to green area and space for the pedestrians.

  • Dec. Closing of the Seoul Station Overpass
  • Aug. Cooperation agreement on passageways of the surrounding buildings
  • Jun. Intend of agreement with Namdaemun Market
  • Sep. Decision on the Seoul Station Overpass Project
  • Feb. Review on the early tearing-down of the Seoul Station Overpass
  • Jan. Bridge safety issue was raised due to the detachment of baseplate concrete
  • Dec. Detailed plan to tear down the overpass

  • May Plan for tearing-down of the overpass, improvement of the neighboring roads, and installation of an alternative bridge connecting the northern areas of Seoul Station
  • Dec. Rated D on the safety assessment of the Precision Safety Diagnosis
  • May Completion of the Seoul Station Overpass