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서울역 7017

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Overpass Opening Events

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Stay on the overpass. The Seoul Station Overpass Opening Events for Citizens

“Seoul Station Overpass, goodbye for now~!”

On Dec. 25, the Seoul Metropolitan Government opened the Seoul Station Overpass to citizens from 12:00~3:00 pm in celebration of Christmas Day. The overpass opening event was planned to give citizens surprising opportunities to walk on the elevated road for themselves ahead of the ‘Seoul Station 7017 Project’ which was scheduled to begin on 26 Dec. with dismantling the deteriorated baseplates.

During the opening event, several public installation arts attracted citizens’ attention. First, pictures of plants named ‘Overpass, Draw!’ which had been drawn by more than 30 cartoonists were exhibited. They drew the trees and flowers to be planted later in a circle expressing the actual size of pots on the overpass, which would be turned into a park. Helium-filled party balloons in the name of ‘Overpass, Float!’ showing the images of standing trees also caught citizens’ eyes. A tree of 10m in height made of boughs and twigs was displayed in the name of ‘Overpass, Erect!’ with white lamps hanging, showing celebration atmosphere for Christmas Day.

Citizens enjoyed the event by directly participating in the program named ‘Overpass, Enjoy!’ consisting of things to eat and to see including bicycle culture salon, Mokyeon cart bar, etc., and in the program named ‘Overpass, Take brushes!’ allowing the people to draw pictures with brushes and paint on the floor of the overpass.