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서울역 7017

  • 서울시 다국어 홈페이지 영역

Types of Amenities

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  • Types of Amenities
Creating vital and attractive space where you can experience as much as possible.

Safe resting place bringing pleasure to the citizens all the time, 7017 Pedestrian Road

  • Sense of Sight

    Enjoy free performances every month!

  • Sense of Smell

    Be happy with beautiful flowers!

  • Sense of Hearing

    Enjoy music at the safe resting place!

  • Sense of Taste

    Taste food at the surrounding restaurants!

  • Sense of Touch

    Cool and clean waterfront space!

Types of Amenities

  • Garden Care Experience Center
    Garden Care Experience Center
  • Rose Stage
    Rose Stage
  • Observatory Café, Flower Shop
    Observatory Café, Flower Shop
  • Cafe, Showroom
    Cafe, Showroom
  • Waterfront Space
    Waterfront Space
  • Travel Information Center (including shops)
    Travel Information Center (including shops)