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서울역 7017

  • 서울시 다국어 홈페이지 영역

Introduction to Info Garden

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  • Introduction to Info Garden
You can visit the Seoul Plaza to experience the Seoul Station Overpass in advance that will be reborn with pedestrian roads.
  • Location: the west side of the Seoul Plaza (behind the gate no. 5 of city hall subway station)
  • Designer: Winy Maas, who designed the pedestrian roads of the Seoul Station Overpass
  • Main Facilities: 2 buildings of a gallery and an information center, 10 units of planting pots of flowers and trees, 3 lightings
  • Features: Small edition of 20 amenities and 686 planting pots to be made on the Seoul Station Overpass to get people experience them in advance.

Facilities Guide

  • Gallery
    • Experiencing completed pedestrian roads of the Seoul Station Overpass (3D images)
    • Playing videos that introduce the pedestrian roads of the Seoul Station Overpass on the upper monitor
    • Four seasons rose planting on the upper part of the gallery
  • Information Center
    • Tree pot donation campaign, operating small puppet shows, etc.
    • Guide to the Info Garden and 7017 Project
  • Landscaping and Planting
    • Pinaceae plant like Pinus Densiflora, Pinus bungeana, pine trees, Pinus strobus , etc.
    • Rosaceae plant like four season rose, apple trees, sorbus trees, hawthorn, etc.