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Introduction to the Historic and Cultural Resources in the area near Seoul Station

Street of Department Store History form Mitsukoshi Department Store to Shinsegae Department Store

Mitsukoshi Department Store was built as a new style of building with 4 stories above ground and 1 underground level in the 1930s. At that time, the department store was a luxury space of culture with the new products like western clothes, accessories, gramophone, violin, etc. imported from the overseas countries. Shinsegae Department Store introduced the concept of modern department store and established its direct management system in the early 1960s, marking a milestone in Korean distribution business. Shinsegae Department Store was built on the site where Gyeongseong Branch of Mitsukoshi Department Store, the country’s first department store, existed in old-fashioned building type.

Strolling in Meyeong-dong Cathedral (Myeong-dong Cathdra Church) reminds you of Cardinal Stephen Su-hwan Kim

Myeong-dong Cathedral never ignored the demands and pains of the times and people’s tear in the contemporary history of Korea. It rushed into the modern history to fight with injustice and violance, Cardinal Su-hwan Kim being at the center of such waves. Myeong-dong Cathedral is the Korea first main parish and represents the Korean catholic. Of the gothic buildings, it was the first one in the western style of cathedra in Seoul. The size of the cathedral is 69m in length, 23m in height to the roof, 45m in height of the bell tower, land in 14,421 square meter and floor space in 1,498 square meter. It was designated as a Historical Site No. 258 in 22 Nov. 1977.

From Gyeongseong Post Office to current Seoul Central Post Office and Korea Postage Stamp Museum Street on the Bank of Korea Plaza

It was completed in ******. It was a building with 3 stories above ground in Renaissance fashion, one of the representative western style of modern constructions together with the building of Japanese Government General of Korea. It had appearance with red bricks and stones mixed, dome roof in the center, and arched window frames showing elegant beauty. The Gyeongseong Post Office was partially destroyed during the Korean War and a new building was constructed in 1957. Now there is post tower central office building.