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서울역 7017

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Project Background

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“Let’s call people together to the road where there are no more vehicles!” The Seoul Station 7017 Project started in this way.

What is the Seoul Station 7017 Project?

A Road for Cars (regarded as a symbol of Seoul in the period of industrialization since its completion in 1970) -> Complete the project by 2017 -> A Road for People (walking tourism network connected to 17 pedestrian roads)

Safety and safety, and safety again!

The remarkable economic growth of Korea began in the 1960s.

The Seoul Station Overpass was designed in the form that across from the east to the west of Seoul Station and completed in 1970 in order to cope with the increasing population and traffic congestion, being a symbolic structure of Seoul since then. With the grandeur of the overpass winding around Seoul Station, it had become the face of Seoul for people who went to Seoul from the provinces. It is also left as a part of memories of Seoul citizens who had passed through the overpass for the last 45 years.


the safety issue of the Seoul Station Overpass had been brought up every year since the late 1990s. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has performed regular safety inspections, precision safety diagnosis, and necessary maintenance works for the overpass annually. In 2006, however, the elevated road was rated to have serious safety problems and, accordingly, the vehicle traffic completely prohibited. Eight years had passed for the Seoul Metropolitan Government to review the demolition of the overpass and to make a decision to tear it down, with the policies to put safety first against traffic and to give priority to the people.

Let’s call people together to the road where no more vehicle runs!

Consistent attitude to the deteriorated architecture was tear-down. But Seoul chose to take a pause and said “stop demolition!” How about turning the overpass from a road for cars to a path for people, as long as the safety problems was caused by heavy loads? The Seoul Metropolitan Government started to find ways together with the citizens to invigorate the area near Seoul Station, which is the starting point of the Eurasian Railway in the future as an unified Korea as well as a gate to Seoul, and to connect Namdaemun Market · Myeong-dong · Namsan Mountain to the west of Seoul Station with pedestrian paths.

The Seoul Station 7017 Project started in this way.