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서울역 7017

  • 서울시 다국어 홈페이지 영역

Project Progress

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Progress of the Seoul Station 7017 Project

Rated “D” in the Safety Assessment, tearing-down of the overpass was decided.

    • Dec. 2006

      Rated D in the safety assessment of the Precision Safety Diagnosis

    • May 2008

      Construction of an alternative bridge connecting Seoul Station to its northern area

    • Dec. 2009

      Demolition of the Seoul Station Overpass along with the northern area of Seoul Station was reviewed in consideration

  • Issues on the Safety of the Overpass
    • Jan. 2014

      Safety issue was raised due to the detachment of the baseplate concrete.

    • Feb. 2014

      Early demolition of the Seoul Station Overpass was reviewed.

  • Examination on Utilizing the Overpass
    • Mar. ~ Apr. 2014

      Review on structural safety of the Seoul Station Overpass for the possibility of renewal (2 times).

    • Jul. ~ Aug. 2014

      Joint conferences with design and structure experts for a renewal of the overpass (4 times).

    • Oct. ~ Dec. 2014

      Analyzing the effect of the Seoul Station Overpass renewal project (Seoul Research Institute)
      ※ Cases of usage changes of old bridges (Japan: Hachiman Bridge, Mikobata Bridge)

  • Feasibility Studies by the Citizen’s Participation
    • May 2014

      Adopted as a pledge of the 6th mayor elected by popular vote

    • Jul. ~ Nov. 2014

      The plan had included as the 4 year administration plan of the 6th mayor (Operation of Advisory Group for Administration Plan)

    • Mar. 2015

      Citizens Committee was organized.

    • May 2015

      The 1st Citizens Committee for Seoul Station 7017 was held.

    • Jul. 2015

      The 2nd Citizens Committee for Seoul Station 7017 was held and subcommittees were constituted.

    • Jul. ~ Aug. 2015

      The 1st conference by each subcommittee was held (Planning & Operation, Culture & Tourism, Technical Advice, Urban Regeneration)

  • Announcement of 「Seoul Station 7017 Project」
    • Jan. 2015

      Official Announcement of 「Seoul Station 7017 Project」

    • Feb. ~ Apr. 2015

      Communication over 100 times including field communication, for gathering opinions of the citizens/experts, discussion with the related organizations, etc.

    • May 2015

      Announcement of the 「Comprehensive Development Plan for the Seoul Station Area」 considering the field voices

  • Progress and Future Plans
    • Since 13 Dec. 2015

      Prohibition of vehicle passing over the Seoul Station Overpass

    • Dec. 2015 ~ Apr. 2016

      Construction to tear down the baseplates of the Seoul Station Overpass

    • Mar. 2016

      Commencement of bridge repair, reinforcement and landscape

    • Jun. 2016

      Commencement of construction

  • Apr. 2017 Open to the public

Implementing the resolution plan to settle down expected traffic congestion caused by the close of the Seoul Station Overpass

  • Facility Improvement – 24 places Adjustment of traffic lanes of Seoul Station crossroad, Hangang Bridge, and blocking points of the Seoul Station Overpass (Cheongpa-ro, Manlijae-ro and Toegye-ro)

  • Adjustment of traffic signal time-13 crossroads Crossroads of Seoul Station, Sookmyung Women’s University, Jungnimdong, Seobu Station of Seoul Station, etc.

  • Traffic guidance service and site communication management for the areas near the Seoul Station Overpass All the members of Seoul City, model drivers, police officers, and others will be dispatched for site operation
    Installation of guidance facilities like banners, standing signboards, etc.